Happy Hearts resources

Cheshire and Merseyside Happy Hearts resources can be downloaded free via the links below:

Suitable for websites, waiting room TV screens, vaccination hubs etc.

CVD Prevention key messages animation (~2 minutes)

Home blood pressure monitoring animation (~1 minute)

Includes shortened, themed animations suitable for social media, and suggested accompanying text (can be locally adapted).

It is recommended that you include a link to ‘click-through’ to the Happy Hearts website (or other local resources) for more information.

(Note: A paid-for campaign using these resources is running across Cheshire and Merseyside from the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Facebook page.)

Health and well-being theme

‘Reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by looking after your physical and mental health’

Looking after AF, high BP and high cholesterol theme

‘Atrial fibrillation, high blood pressure and high cholesterol increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Simple actions can reduce the risk, even during the coronavirus pandemic’. ‘Simple actions can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke’

Recognising heart attack and stroke symptoms theme

‘Heart attacks and strokes don’t stop for COVID-19, but fewer people are seeking the urgent help they need. Dial 999 for symptoms of heart attack or stroke’.

‘For stroke symptoms remember Act FAST: Face- is it drooping on one side? Arms- can they raise and hold both arms? Speech- is it slurred? Time to call 999!’

‘Heart attack symptoms include heavy or tight chest pain that may spread to your arms, neck or jaw or make you breathless, sick, sweaty or light-headed. Dial 999 immediately!’

‘999 for heart attack and stroke, even during COVID-19’

Home blood pressure monitoring theme

If you have high blood pressure, monitoring at home could help prevent a heart attack or stroke. Ask your practice about getting started with home blood pressure monitoring and how to share readings with them.

Blood pressure machines used at home should be less than 5 years old and should be used with the correct sized arm cuff. Find out more about home blood pressure monitoring at www.bhf.org.uk/bloodpressureathome‘.

‘Know your numbers!’