Patient stories

Patients from Healthier South Wirral PCN


Edna currently has a “very hectic” life and didn’t realise how high her blood pressure was and felt it was completely out the blue. Edna states she was anxious when being asked to participate in a group meeting with other patients.

Edna states that the best part of this was that Georgia (a Health Coach) followed up with her and worked with her in getting her blood pressure down. Edna was shocked at the readings, and is grateful Georgia intervened and discussed best the best options for her with the GP.

Edna says she is in a much better place and said she “doesn’t know where she’d be without the help”. Edna says she felt a significant improvement within weeks of the review and adjustment of her meds, her anxiety is now manageable and feels she is coping much better with life.
Edna “doesn’t feel on her own anymore”.


David states that before his appointments with Georgia he felt stuck and confused around his high blood pressure diagnosis. He said that having somebody to talk to has been important, he felt listened to and supported. He felt like there was someone who cared. After having his medications adjusted, David feels he has really benefited from having regular blood pressure reviews. He feels the extra time spent has been invaluable and without it he would have been in hospital without the help.


After receiving some health news from her GP, Susan felt frightened and unprepared for the news and didn’t feel supported by her GP. After her appointment with Georgia, who didn’t make Susan feel rushed and took the time to explain her new health news, Susan felt much calmer and assured. Susan felt she really benefited from the extra time taken to discuss her news and to discuss her quality of life and it was refreshing to feel her wider family circumstances had been considered.

Susan said she wouldn’t hesitate in recommending appointments with Georgia for those looking for support around their blood pressure diagnosis.

Dr Smith and his story